Our Menu

restaurant alexandre

Restaurant Alexandre has an excellent variety of delicious items offered to all our customers throughout the day and night. From juicy and fresh fish, to mouth watering selections of the best cuts of meat, Restaurant Alexandre caters to all taste buds.

Our lunch menu is offered between 11am - 6pm. All main courses are served with a table d'hôte including soup, salad, coffee and dessert (crème caramel, carrot cake, baklava, vanilla ice cream).

Our dinner menu is offered from 6pm to closing. All main courses are served with soup and salad. A table d'hôte is also available and is served with soup, salad, coffee and dessert.

      Lunch   Dinner
  Soup of the Day   $2.95   $3.95
  Greek Soup   $2.95   $3.95
Yogurt, Cucumber, Garlic
  $4.95   $5.95
  Tarmosalata   $4.95   $5.95
  Feta Cheese
Olive Oil, Oregano, Greek Olives
  $5.95   $6.95
  Shrimp Cocktail   $10.95   $11.95
  Pikilia x1   $10.95   $11.95
  Pikilia x2   $14.95   $15.95
  Fried Calamari   $10.95   $11.95
  Fried Zucchini
Served with Tzatziki
  $8.95   $9.95
  Garlic Snails   $8.95   $9.95
  Mussels Marinara
Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Shallots & Spices
  $10.95   $10.95
  Ceaser Salad   $8.95   $8.95
  Original Greek Salad   $10.95   $10.95